Complexity, injuries, treatment and prevention of shoulder injuries

I have so many clients come to see me with some form of shoulder issue, ranging from restricted mobility to weakness, constant aching, sharp pain and even headaches.

Whether it is caused by faulty positions in day to day life, poor posture particularly as a result of being in front of a computers or on iPad, laptops, excessive amounts of driving etc… or sports related either overuse or insufficient recovery in training schedules, not going through an adequate warm up that will activate the right musculature and not cooling down and working flexibility post workout.

We need to understand the shoulder is an exceptionally complex joint.

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#2 How can hydration help your recovery

One of the most widely researched and yet overlooked factors in athletic training and injury prevention and recovery is hydration.

We are essentially 60-70% water, by simply being in a good hydrated state we reduce the risk of injury considerably.

Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, cartilage wear and frictions in the joints. If you are active hydration is really important as we lose water to sweat.

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