Online – Exercise Prescription Programme

Already diagnosed?

It is a 45 minute session online and will include:

An assessment of your condition / injury

A personalised rehabilitation programme with videos and a description of your exercises

What to expect during the session

If you have a previous and ongoing condition such as rotator cuff injury, golfers elbow, tennis elbow, knee instability, joint replacement etc and you are looking for a training programme to improve the strength, mobility, control and flexibility of the affected area, this programme will be tailored specifically to your condition.

After an initial assessment to get a better understanding of the current stage of your injury you will be taken through your specific programme.

The recovery process is ongoing and you will be provided with ongoing support to ensure your condition continues to improve. In some instances and with more serious conditions it may take longer to recover and advice will be given accordingly.
Physical and exercise therapy is a great way of getting you back to full fitness, we will develop your programme through the various phases of recovery, focusing initially on mobility and movement through to stability and further development to focus on building strength.