Running Performance

To improve your running performance you need to be considering all angles of your training not just the miles.

Running condition sessions and mileage build up programmes specific to you and your distance are really important.

Run specific conditioning will take you through various phases – stability, endurance, strength endurance and power.

Maintenance to keep yourself injury free as the mileage builds, this would include self myofascial release and muscle energy techniques.

All Running Performance Packages will include a full consultation, in this session we discuss your goals and set out timeframes for you to progress through the programme in good time for you to achieve the goals or be race ready.

Online – Running Performance Package

This package includes 4 x 1 hour online 121 sessions focusing on

Stability, Flexibility & Myofascial Release


Strength Endurance


A mileage build up programme designed specifically for you based on your goal, race, previous performances, pace and HR zones

Continuous ongoing support and analysis of or Strava run data

Online – Running Conditioning Session

This is a 1 hour online 121 session based specifically on improving and developing run strength.

Specific to you, your goals, your race incorporating some run focused exercises.

Every session will come backed up with an emailed programme including picture and videos of the exercises worked through in the session.