Online – Injury Therapy Consultation

It is a 45 minute session via TELEHEALTH and will include :

An assessment of your condition / injury

A personalised treatment plan

A written report with pictures and videos of your exercises


What to expect during your consultation

You will be asked some questions relating to you, the injury, your current lifestyle and your goals so as to get a better understanding of your injury.

A full postural assessment will then take place and you will be shown and asked to repeat various movements and tests similar to that in the clinic, these will help highlight which structures have been injured and will also assess the strength, mobility and flexibility of the affected area.

You will then be guided through a palpation test to identify any sensitive or painful areas.

All the information in the consultation will be used to create you a personalised treatment and rehabilitation programme which you will be taken through on the call to ensure you can do them correctly and with minimum discomfort.

This programme will take you through the initial 2 – 4 weeks of recovery.

As your injury heals the programme will need to be adjusted for you to achieve full recovery.


Follow Up Treatment Plans

You can book follow up sessions which will be used to reassess your injury and provide you with an adjusted treatment and rehabilitation programme, recommended every 2-4weeks initially and as you progress every 4 – 6 weeks until fully recovered.


If my condition is not suitable for online treatment?

If it becomes apparent during the initial consultation that your condition is not suitable for online treatment, then you will be given a full refund and a written report with recommendation for a suitable course of action